ID Application Protector 1.2

ID Application Protector 1.2: ID Application Protector is a first-range protecting system. ID Application Protector is a security program specifically designed to encrypt Windows executables. It protects them against reverse engineering or cracking, safely compressing and shrinking their sizes by as much as 70%, securing them against possible attacks. Main features includes: encoding of executable files, compresseins files, shrinking 70% of their size, decompressing with high performance, protecting against bugs and spies.

Easy DVD Shrink 3.0.24: Shrink, Copy, and Burn your Favorite DVD Movies with just a few clicks!
Easy DVD Shrink 3.0.24

Easy DVD Shrink is an easy-to-use DVD copying software to get perfect backups of your favorite movies on DVD or Hard Drive with just a few clicks! The shrinking engine can fit any DVD video on to your DVD disc with no loss of content or quality. It preserves all existing DVD contents including menus, trailers, language tracks, subtitles, DTS, and Dolby Digital. Backing up your DVDs makes you a smart collector! 30-day money-back guarantee!

recorder, shrinking, double, copy, clone, movie, tool, duplicate, trailers, cloning, burner, sound, dual

EVE 3.02: EVE the incredible shrinking vector graphics editor.
EVE 3.02

The incredible shrinking vector graphics editor, only 67K bytes yet extremely powerful -- has to be seen to be believed. For all line drawing applications: organisational, structural, project planning, layout design, circuit design, brainstorming. Unlimited drawing surface. Export to EMF, bitmap. EVE Web Edition has export to SVG. Scan the online User Manual, FAQ, read what other users have to say, download and try for yourself. Freeware.

illustration, drawing, raster, graphics, editor, embedded, vector

X-Shrink 1.5: Compress your Excel files up to 95% and save storage, time and money
X-Shrink 1.5

X-Shrink 1.5 compresses Excel documents up to 95%, while keeping full functionality and file format of the Excel spreadsheets. X-Shrink allows e-mail transfers of big spreadsheets after `shrinking,` accelerates data transfers and saves data storage and costs.

compression, optimization, excel optimization, excel compression

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ImageConvertor 1.9

Image Convertor resizes and enhances multiple photos at once. It`s a batch photo resizing and converting tool that saves you time by enlarging, converting or shrinking your images automatically. ImageConvertor includes image conversion, thumbnail creating, single frame extracting, image watermarking so you can protect or copyright your photos. When you want to turn all of your images in different formats into jpeg format to save so much disk

make watermark, convert and shrink image, create image thumbnail, image convertor

Flickr Screen Saver 3.0.0: Flickr photo slide show and screen saver
Flickr Screen Saver 3.0.0

Flickr Plugin for gPhotoShow Pro allows you to display your favorite Flickr photos as screen saver or slideshow. It can download both public and private photos from users photostreams, groups and sets. Main features: pictures sorting, stretching/shrinking, wallpaper creation, captions (with filename, date, iptc,exif info), music, transition effects, pan&zoom animation, multiple monitors and more.

saver, photos, photo, screen saver, slide, screensaver, slide show, screen savers, digital camera, presentations, picture, images, show

Screen Paver 4.5: A Windows XP/Vista/7 Make-Your-Own Photo Slide Show Screen Saver
Screen Paver 4.5

Screen Paver is an easy to use photo slide show screen saver. The program will display an unlimited number of your own jpeg, png, or bmp pictures from local and/or network directories. Features include picture stretching, shrinking, tiling, transition effects, picture sets, picture preview, wallpaper creation, favorite picture saving, long filename captions, pause/continue control, multiple monitors, and music. Great for digital camera users.

saver, images, wallpaper, photo, bitmap, screensaver, digital, slide show, jpeg, pictures

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